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LLC Reinforcing Plant "Start" founded in 2006 in the city of Samara. The company specialized in testing pipe fittings (TPA) and quality control, produced in its own testing laboratory, equipped with modern equipment. In addition to monitoring and testing services, Start Reinforcing Plant LLC carried out repairs and refinements of various types of pipeline valves to customers' requirements.

The quality of the services provided and the trust of consumers contributed to the further development of the enterprise, the result of which was the expansion of production facilities and the purchase of new equipment, which allowed Start Reinforcing Plant LLC in 2010 to master the production of non-standard equipment, components for shut-off and control pipe fittings and non-manufactured pipeline parts serially by domestic valve plants.

High standards and requirements for quality control of products manufactured by LLC Reinforcing Plant "Start", received a positive assessment of regular customers, and contributed to building confidence in the products of the plant. To expand the range of products manufactured by the enterprise, relying on its own knowledge and experience gained over the entire period of work, technical engineers of Start Valve Plant LLC developed design documentation for the production of gate valves, valves, ball valves and valves, taking into account all the pros and cons of domestic valves market. Taking into account the high requirements for the quality of pipeline valves, a careful selection was made among the leading enterprises in China, after inspecting them and assessing the level of technological equipment, as well as the availability of intermediate control procedures, contracts were concluded for the production of pipeline valves for the requirements and design documentation of Start Valve Plant LLC and received certificates and permits for all products.

At present, Start Reinforcing Plant LLC offers a wide range of high-quality pipe fittings made of carbon, alloy and corrosion-resistant steels.

The manufactured products comply with the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union TR CU 010/2011 “On the Safety of Machines and Equipment”, which is confirmed by the attached certificate of conformity.


ООО «Арматурный завод «СТАРТ»



Manufacturer's address
Samara, South passage, 106

Test and Diagnostic Site
Samara, street Verkhne-Karyernaya, 3-А

443031, Samara, street Solnechnaya, 59
(846) 255-66-36, 255-66-37

For ordering products for individual drawings, steel structures or services metalworking contact phones:
(846) 342-55-35, 922-96-59


443011, Samara, street Novo-Sadovaya, 305-А (ТЦ "Апельсин")
phones: 8 (846) 372-52-50, 372-52-44